Linctronix Ltd. has sold the Network Department to Genevisio Ltd., including related resources, engineers, and  Organizationally unique identifier (30E090) registration.

Linctronix’s Real-time Locating System (RTLS) and Remote Patient Monitoring solution utilize the IoT (Internet of Things) cloud technology to improve the healthcare industry by maximizing management capabilities, optimizing process efficiency, reducing operation cost, and will be of great benefit to your business in terms of ROI.


LincRTLS Asset Management

Managing and accurately tracking assets are crucial components of any healthcare facility. Linctronix’s Bluetooth RTLS technology helps to…


LincRTLS People Locating

The healthcare industry has seen a surge in the number of patients that are being treated at their facilities. With this surge, hospitals and healthcare…


LincHealth Remote Patient Monitoring

Nowadays, patients are looking for independence and more comprehensive healthcare services while on treatments, and in response to this…



Long-Term Care

Health Checkup Center

the Lincgo solution