LincRTLS People Locating


Introduction & Overview

The healthcare industry has seen a surge in the number of patients that are being treated at their facilities. With this surge, hospitals and healthcare facilities are in dire need of a streamlined management system to be able to optimize their operations and work more efficiently while simultaneously increasing the quality of care provided to their patients.

In responding to this need, Linctronix’s LincRTLS people locating solution seeks to empower staff and the hospital to successfully meet the patient’s expectations without adding any burden to the facility. Enabling real-time locating of staffs results in a great reduction in the time nurses and doctors spend in finding each other, thereby increasing the efficiency of internal communication and thus increases the amount of time that staff can be with their patients. When applying the technology to locating patients, nurses can remotely monitor a patient’s progress during a checkup. In cases of patients leaving the premises before checkups are complete or no shows, nurses are notified and can take the necessary actions faster. In addition, to maintain a caring touch in the process, patients are able to call for assistance with only the push of a button.

Linctronix solutions look to streamline processes, improve operation and workflow, without the extra overhead requirement from the IT department, and the intuitive dashboards deliver immediate and valuable insights to help staff make better managerial decisions and optimize their operations.

Advanced Features

  • Ultra-low power consumption tracking tag, easy swap
  • High accuracy and quick response time, low latency
  • Intuitive web design, high compatibility, works through web browser and available to use on mobile devices
  • Straight forward deployment, install the RTLS in a matter of days


  • Tag staff locating, so they can be quickly found
  • Staff service call, push text messages to staff
  • Patient area restriction management, leave the site notice
  • Patient flow optimization, automatically notify the next optimal checkup station
  • Automatic information verification, via RFID through integrated door sensor

Service & Function

Linctronix provides a total solution for indoor device location tracking. It helps find anything anytime, anywhere with any smart device. The software package includes a location engine, web application, cloud service and tracking device. The location engine provides a very high level of accuracy. The location web page provides an intuitive view for target tracking, and the management web page includes a status report and statistics. The cloud service is provided by default to make sure all services are always available and data is never lost. In addition, customized event policy is possible for notification of location change; e.g. enter or leave some zone.
  • Tag staff position, so they can be quickly found
  • Staff call service (service call), push text messages to staff
  • Control area entry reminder, leave the site notice
  • Integrate checkout center process, optimize scheduling, automatically notify the next station (patient flow optimization)
  • Integrated door sensor, e-locker sensor, sensing Kiosk (check information) via RFID

Cloud/SW Package


• RTLS Gateway

  • 2.4 & 5 GHz WiFi
  • Bluetooth 4.x
  • USB Power
  • 4.33” x 2.36” x 0.67”
  • WiFi/Bluetooth 4.x
  • USB Power
  • 0.87” x 0.87” x 1.57”
  • WiFi/Bluetooth 4.x
  • AC 100– 240V
  • 1.93” x 1.93” x 1.77”

• RTLS Tag

  • 3yr Battery Life
  • Bluetooth 4.x
  • LED & Buzzer
  • 1.38” x 1.38” x 0.6”
  • 1wk Battery Life
  • Supports RFID, NFC
  • Bluetooth 4.x
  • OLED Display
  • Dynamic HRM