Core Competence

Perfecting Bluetooth Connection

• ARM Cortex M Based BLE+WiFi Heterogeneous Mesh
• BLE Seamless Roaming

Linctronix has developed futuristic Bluetooth hardware technology in addition to cloud integration capabilities. Hardware devices use IoT industrial grade CPUs which can provide stable, low power consuming and highly efficient devices. Furthermore, the mesh networks use Bluetooth and WiFi to ensure service reliability.

Truly Real-time Locating

• Sub Meter Accuracy
• Instant Deployment

Linctronix’s patented computing engine, demonstrates superior accuracy to that of other Bluetooth locating systems (in the current market place). For deployment process optimization, we provide a very fast plug and play deployment system – shortening the total necessary set-up time from a week to one day.

Enabling Context Awareness

• Configurable Based Policy Engine
• Carrier Grade Firmware Capability

Using telecom carrier-grade Bluetooth and cloud technology, real-time notification of devices and people can be realized. Based on customers’ needs, a variety of notification rules can be set, such as device sensor detect, location based service, collection data analysis etc.

Versatile Cloud Computing

• Bluetooth Virtualization
• Scalable Cloud Architecture

Traditional Bluetooth devices need to be supported by the hardware in order to work, but the hardware can be difficult to match and connect with all devices, thus, it’s difficult to extend or add new devices. Linctronix’s new design is extendable which allows Bluetooth devices to virtualize, so that the latest Bluetooth devices can be continuously added. Users won’t need to replace the entire gateway & other hardware when a new Bluetooth device is added or replaced.