Linctronix Introduces LincRTLS Real-time Locating Systems for Hospitals

2018/07/26, Taipei, Taiwan – Linctronix Ltd., a leading provider of innovative Internet of Things (IoT) software solutions, recently introduced its innovative Real-time Locating Systems, the LincRTLS series. The system utilizes Linctronix’s patented IoT cloud and virtual Bluetooth technologies for asset management and people locating. It can optimize process and efficiency for hospitals accurately and in real-time.

The LincRTLS system helps locate anything at anytime, anywhere with any smart device. The applicable areas include locating and management of all medical devices, patients and hospital staffs. It is perfect for places where efficiency is critical such as emergency units, health check centers, and operation units. The LincRTLS system contains a software package, data collection gateway, and tags. Its software package includes a location engine, web application, cloud service and tracking device which provides a very high level of accuracy and allows facilities to conveniently implement it in order to enhance the workflow in the healthcare environment.

Tracking medical equipment in real-time to maximize utilization

Linctronix’s LincRTLS asset management system places RTLS tags on all vital medical equipment and mobile devices such as heart monitors, IV pumps, blood pressure testing devices, beds, and other important items that impact a patient’s stay or the facilities bottom line. Linctronix’s RTLS Bluetooth tagging tracks any asset/device as it moves in real-time, allowing the staff to determine the exact location and condition of said medical equipment. Linctronix’s real-time system not only facilitates rapid locating, but also provides equipment updates within seconds.

Easily locate staff and patients for better healthcare service

Linctronix’s LincRTLS people locating solution seeks to empower staff and the hospital to successfully meet the patient’s expectations without adding any burden to the facility. Enabling real-time locating of staffs results in a great reduction in the time nurses and doctors spend in finding each other, thereby increasing the efficiency of internal communication and thus increases the amount of time that staff can be with their patients. When applying the technology to locating patients, nurses can remotely monitor a patient’s progress during a checkup. In cases of patients leaving the premises before checkups are complete or no shows, nurses are notified and can take the necessary actions faster.

Highly scalable system delivers rapid location and condition updates

Linctronix’s LincRTLS series is a robust, reliable, easy to deploy and highly scalable system which looks to streamline processes, improve operation and workflow, without the extra overhead requirement from the IT department, and the intuitive dashboards deliver immediate and valuable insights to help staff make better managerial decisions and optimize their operations. In relation to initial installation and subsequent management cost, Linctronix will help you to optimize healthcare operation and achieve higher ROI.

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About Linctronix Ltd.

Linctronix is a rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) software solution provider, leveraging Real-time Locating System (RTLS) technology in addition to cloud integration expertise to assist healthcare service providers in delivering more efficient and effective care systems to their customers. With over a decade of expertise in networking and internet integration and moving forward to IoT solution development, Linctronix is focused on integrating industrial grade hardware with proprietary computing engine to deliver highly scalable and reliable cloud systems that are also super simple to manage.